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Mississauga is a fast growing and prosperous city of over 700,000 people in the Greater Toronto area. A sprawling metropolis, Mississauga stretches from Lake Ontario to Highway 401.

Located close to the busiest airport in Canada (Pearson International Airport), Mississauga is a major transportation hub, with rail, highway and air links to the GTA and North America. Highways 401, 403, 407, 410, and the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), all pass through Mississauga.

The Regional Municipality of Peel, which includes the City of Mississauga, City of Brampton and the Town of Caledon, is based in Brampton. Together, this regional municipality is home to a population of over 1.3 million people. The headquarters for the Regional Municipality of Peel is located at 10 Peel Centre Drive. The City of Mississauga is run from its City Hall at 300 City Centre Drive, near the Square One Shopping Centre, at Burnhamthorpe Rd. and Hurontario St.

Mississauga is policed by the Peel Regional Police Service (PRPS), Canada’s third largest, whose Headquarters is located at 7750 Hurontario St. in Brampton.

Reasons to Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

At Defence Group, we have criminal lawyers in Mississauga who can help you if you have been charged with a crime and need to be represented. Here’s why you should hire us to represent you in court:

We Review the Evidence

We’ll carefully assess your case, collect all the evidence and present arguments for every defence available to you under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In addition, we will collect relevant evidence such as witness accounts, physical evidence, DNA evidence, and more. All evidence will be used in court to provide argumentation on why specific pieces of evidence should or should not be used in court.

To Understand the Legal Procedures

Our criminal lawyers in Mississauga will guide you through your case with the legal procedures used in your case. We will explain complex law terms in plain English, so you have full awareness of every stage in your case. Once you understand the legal procedures we will follow while representing you in your case, we will help you make wise decisions about your court proceedings and trial.

To Protect Your Rights

During criminal proceedings, there is a high chance that your human rights might be infringed upon. Our experienced criminal lawyers are in tune when this happens and will take quick action to ensure the right judicial process applies to your case, and your rights will always be protected. Additionally, our criminal lawyers will promptly file any documents related to your case in court.

Our Services in Mississauga

Domestic Assault Lawyer

In Ontario, once a victim has filed domestic violence charges against the defendant, those charges cannot be dropped, and you will have to seek counsel. Having experienced criminal lawyers in Mississauga plan for the best defence possible by gathering evidence can get your charges dismissed. The main goal in your defence is to present doubt in your case, as the prosecution always has to deal with the burden of proof.

Domestic assault lawyers deal with offences between people in intimate relationships or family members. Crimes include hitting, stabbing, punching, kicking, stalking, throwing objects, threatening death, or causing bodily harm. In Ontario, provincial and federal governments have declared it a zero-tolerance crime.

Drug Possession Lawyer

Since drug possession charges leave a mark on your criminal record, it could damage your reputation or hinder your chances of getting a job after your time served or if you go on probation. Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience working with you and the court to get those charges dismissed or lessened so you don’t have to do any jail time, and it will be left out of your criminal record.

Regardless of ownership, possessing prohibited drugs in Canada under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act is illegal. For a conviction, the prosecutor must prove the illegal drug was on the defendant’s body or in an area they control, like a car or home, and they knew the substance was illegal/what it was.

A conviction for drug offences can result in jail time, challenges immigrating, restricted entrance to the U.S., future employment and post-secondary education.

Youth Criminal Defence Lawyer

For individuals who have been charged with a criminal offence and are between the ages of 12 to 17, we have criminal lawyers in Mississauga who work primarily in the Youth Court and are very knowledgeable about the Youth Criminal Justice Acts.

A youth is classified as someone over 12 and under 18 years of age when the offence was committed. Canada’s criminal justice system treats youth cases differently than adult cases.

The rationale is that young people do not have the same judgment and adult experience. They are not completely mature in their thought process, are prone to make more mistakes, and are more easily rehabilitated.

Mississauga Criminal Defence Lawyer

Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer

Getting charged with sexual assault is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. If you were charged with sexual assault, it’s important to seek counsel from our criminal lawyers in Mississauga to go through the facts of your case. We will use our expertise in previous sexual assault cases and apply it to your case to avoid a conviction.

For example, common grounds for dismissal in sexual assault cases is if the alleged victim gave consent at the time of the sexual incident. Also, if you never intended to commit a sexual assault and have no prior criminal charges, your lawyer will use this as part of your defence in a sexual assault case.

Since sex crimes are so personal and complex, they are handled by specialized police and Crown attorney teams. Sexual offences involve sexual exploitation, sexual touch, prostitution, voyeurism, sexual interferences, child pornography, and corrupting morals. Sexual assault is viewed as a serious offence and receives more severe penalties according to the Criminal Code.

DUI & Over 80 Defence Lawyer

Impaired driving (Driving Under the Influence) involves driving a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. It is an offence because it impairs the motorist’s judgment, reduces reflex time, decreases alertness, and affects vision. While there is no ”safe limit,” there is an enforceable limit.

These are based on blood drug concentration. Canada has incorporated a zero-tolerance policy and can impose anything from steep fines to jail time.

Weapons Violation Defence Lawyer

Weapons violation involves committing a crime and gun violence. They generate harsh penalties, resulting in consecutive sentences, minimum jail time, DNA seizures, firearms prohibition, and travel restrictions in many countries.

When there is a gun call, police respond with maximum force. Furthermore, a Crown Attorney will approach this case type with a zero-tolerance approach, specialized teams, and red-flagged files.

Murder Defence Lawyer

Murder is the more serious criminal offence with a penalty of life imprisonment regardless of whether it was murder in the second or first degree. The only difference between the two is time served and supervised parole.

In Canada, murder falls into three categories: manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, and murder. The classification depends on the accused’s mindset and intent.

White Collar Crime Defence

This type of crime falls into financial crimes. They involve the misuse of money and illegal business practices. Typical examples are money laundering and tax evasion.

Cases are complex with white-collar crimes since they involve documentary evidence and interpretation by business valuators, forensic accountants and additional professionals.

Fraud Defence Lawyer

Fraud cases frequently involve exploiting vulnerable individuals like the mentally challenged or older adults. It consists of a victim suffering financial loss or parting with property at the hands of the offender. Fraud cases involve deliberate non-disclosure to individuals, deceitfulness, and lies.

Regulatory Offences Defence Lawyer

Also known as administrative law, this area deals with interactions between individuals and government throughout society and the economy. Regulatory offences involve provincial, federal, and municipal Acts/Regulations whose nature is penal. It encompasses environmental/hazardous materials, financial/securities regulations, and human rights.

Bail Hearing Lawyer

Bail hearings are like mini-trials. The main difference is that there is less preparation time and access to information compared to actual trials. Successful bail hearings involve hiring a good lawyer and preparing the case properly.

While there is pressure to plead guilty, you may spend more time in prison from a hasty decision.

Sentencing Hearing Lawyer

The goal of any lawyer during this phase is to provide the best result for their client. Sometimes, this involves entering a guilty plea for a lesser offence or a sentencing hearing.

Lawyers will do everything possible to win your case, whether through trial or negotiations. Furthermore, sentencing hearings and guilty pleas are only used as a last resort when everything else has been exhausted.


The PRPS polices Brampton from its detachment at 11 and 12 Divisions, and community sub-station at Meadowvale. The specialized units are based out of the Emil Korb Centre at 180 Derry Rd. East.


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) also operates a detachment focusing on highway patrol, in Port Credit.

The crime rate in Mississauga has been falling in recent years, in keeping with national trends. In 2012, the rate of crimes against persons in Peel Region was 615 per 100,000 people, and the rate of crimes against property was 1,912 per 100,000. DUI/drinking and driving offences comprise 140 per 100,000 people (source: PRPS).

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Mississauga Courthouse

Brampton is the site of the courthouse for Peel Region. The Brampton courthouse, located at 7765 Hurontario St., is the site of the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice.


To serve clients in Mississauga and Peel Region, the Defence Group’s Oakville office is located a short drive down the 403, on the border of Mississauga and Oakville at 2275 Upper Middle Road East, Suite 101. Our team of experienced criminal defence lawyers serve clients in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton Hills, Hamilton, and areas to the west of the GTA.


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The Mississauga criminal defence lawyer at The Defence Group are available to advise and defend you throughout Peel Region. We defend all criminal offences, including domestic assault, sexual assault, DUI and impaired driving, youth court/young offenders, bail hearings, fraud, drug offences, and Charter of Rights violations.

We offer a free consultation, flexible payment plans and reasonable fees, and the best criminal defence anywhere.

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Peter BoushyPeter Boushy
18:13 29 Nov 22
As a friend and colleague of Arun, I have witnessed first-hand his very impressive wins in court. In fact, in 2022 alone, I closely followed three criminal trials (one with a jury) where Arun was defence counsel - and he won all three! These cases were complex and involved sensitive allegations wherein his clients strenuously asserted their innocence. All three were vindicated in court. Arun's obvious strengths, including his mastery of the law, his civility in court, and his dogged determination to vigorously defend his clients, are most impressive. I have personally known Arun for over 35 years, and his character and legal acumen make him easily one of the most effective trial lawyers in the province.
Ruby MannRuby Mann
23:42 11 Nov 22
Arun is one of the best lawyers I have ever met. He is extremely diligent and can handle any case with care and professionalism. Arun is extremely down to earth, organized, calm, and respectful. He is exactly the type of lawyer you would want to represent you. I would highly recommend Arun to anyone looking for a criminal defence lawyer. I met Arun while I was in my undergrad and had the goal of attending law school, Arun gave me the opportunity to observe him in trial and learn how everything operates first-hand. I was extremely impressed with how he had the ability to work under pressure, form effective arguments and quickly think on the spot. From my eyes, this case looked extremely difficult however, Arun was quick to demonstrated that with the right knowledge and arguments, you can indeed be successful. His calm presence in court was something I found to be highly effective. I was blown away with his opening and closing statements, how he presented evidence, and the type of questions he had for the witnesses. I was able to observe that even the jury was impressed with his work. Arun understands that these are hard and stressful times for his clients which he made sure to address. Arun makes communication a priority for his clients as I saw they were able to address any concerns they might have. In this trial, Arun’s client was found not guilty, and this proves how effective and successful he is in this field. I view Arun as a mentor, and he has helped me with achieving my goals of becoming a lawyer. I have met several lawyers in the past and Arun is the one who I respect and admire the most. Arun is exactly the type of lawyer I hope to become one day. It’s been a privilege to have observed him in action.Whether you are a client or student, Arun will go above and beyond to help you find success.
Sonia ASonia A
14:17 19 Apr 22
I observed Arun in-person over the course of a weeklong jury trial. For context, I am a law student that was assisting on the case. I was impressed by the calmness Arun brought to the courtroom. In most scenarios, clients are in a very rough time when having to deal with a criminal defence lawyer and court can be an overwhelming place.Arun ensured to always be available to the client to answer any questions or concerns. He was patient in explaining the court process and his own thought process on the case to the client. He ensured to meet with the client briefly every day before entering the courtroom to provide the client reassurance and comfort.Given that Arun has been practicing criminal law for about 27 years, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable. He is strategic in the decisions he makes and foresees points the Crown could make.His mannerisms with the Crown, witnesses, and presentation with the jury were excellent. Arun’s oral statements in court were well prepared, thorough, and respectful. Arun is naturally a calm and collected individual and this showed through his composure throughout the entire trial.As a result of his unique personal style, thorough knowledge, and professionalism, the client was found not guilty of the charge. I would highly recommend Arun to any person that is looking for a criminal defence lawyer.
Jasleen SainiJasleen Saini
01:59 03 Mar 21
I met Arun Maini when I was a second-year law student, but I wish I had met him earlier because right from the start, he has been an absolutely invaluable mentor. I’ve known him for about a year now, and I can confidently say that I learned more from him about criminal defence in the year that I have known him, than I did in my 3 years of law school. He is one of the best mentors a student can ask for! He is incredibly patient and has devoted countless time and resources into teaching me how to be an effective criminal defence lawyer as himself.Not only is Arun a phenomenal criminal defence lawyer, but he has also spent many years as a successful Crown prosecutor. That means that you can definitely count on him to be exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of criminal law. He is also kind, compassionate, professional, brilliant and a hardworking lawyer. I have seen all these traits in him first-hand. It is because of his kindness, compassion and hard work, that he is so well-respected by Crown attorneys, judges and the legal community as a whole. From attending client meetings and court proceedings with him, I have seen how his incredible reputation and skill has afforded favourable resolutions for his clients. I have seen how he works closely and courteously with Crown attorneys to negotiate advantageous outcomes for his clients. And I have witnessed first-hand how he dedicates countless hours to his work and goes above and beyond in every case he takes on. When it comes to criminal defence, Arun truly is one of the best.Importantly, Arun is also very understanding, personable and has a client focused approach. He listens to his clients and their families and ensures that they are heard and that their version of the events is put before the judge. He takes the time to properly explain things to his clients so that they understand the different aspects of the justice system and the consequences that different charges and sentences carry. With Arun by your side guiding you and supporting you at each stage, going through the criminal justice process is made easier and less frightening.Currently, I am still working as a student for Arun Maini and I reach out to him every time I have a criminal law related question. And I know that in the future, even when I go off on my own, Arun will still be my first call whenever I need advice on a criminal law matter. Given his decades of experience and success as a criminal defence lawyer, I am grateful that he happily and passionately shares his skill, knowledge and expertise with me. Arun Maini left no stone unturned when it came to mentoring me, just as he leaves no stone unturned in building the best defence for his clients.
Cassy BeaulacCassy Beaulac
23:43 02 Oct 19
I first met Arun Maini as a second-year law student. As a (then) law student strongly interested in criminal law, Arun personally took me under his wing as a mentor and has devoted his time to teaching me all the ins and outs of how to be a successful and effective criminal defense lawyer. We have since worked together on criminal cases, and continue to work together with the alike.As a (now) student-at-law completing my articles in the area of criminal defense, I consider Arun to be not only a wonderful mentor (and my go-to person for all things criminal law), but also an exceptional criminal defense lawyer to learn from. Arun is well-respected by all stakeholders, including Crown attorneys, in the legal community, and I have seen first-hand this afford his clients a favourable advantage in resolving their charges. He is incredibly personable, kind and understanding of the often multi-faceted consequences that a criminal charge and/or conviction can carry for his clients. He is dedicated and always goes above-and-beyond to ensure the best possible result, whether that means resolution or going to trial.In summary, I know personally Arun to be a hardworking, extremely knowledgeable and compassionate criminal defence lawyer. Given Arun’s experience and success in criminal defence, I am very appreciative that he is always willing to share his skills, knowledge, expertise with me.


various factors. These factors may include the lawyer’s experience, expertise, reputation, the complexity of the case, and the specific legal services required. Generally, lawyers in Mississauga, Ontario, charge an hourly rate for their services, which can range from approximately $200-$500 or more per hour.

It’s important to note that here at Defence Group, we charge fixed rates based on the stages of the case (analysis-negotiations-trial) as well as the time and complexity of the case. Many Mississaugans prefer our fixed fees over hourly rates.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Mississauga is crucial because they have a deep understanding of the local legal system, including the courts, judges, and prosecutors. They can provide you with personalized legal guidance and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your case. A skilled defense lawyer will protect your rights, navigate complex legal procedures, and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

The potential consequences of a criminal conviction in Mississauga can vary depending on the nature and severity of the offense. They may include imprisonment, probation, fines, community service, mandatory counseling or treatment programs, driver’s license suspension, immigration consequences, and a criminal record that can affect future employment prospects. Consulting with a criminal defense lawyer in Mississauga is essential to understand the specific consequences you may face based on the charges against you.

In most cases, you will be required to appear in court for hearings in Mississauga. It is essential to follow the instructions of your criminal defense lawyer and attend all court appearances as directed. Failure to appear in court without a valid reason can have negative consequences, including a warrant being issued for your arrest.

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