Criminal Defence Lawyer
Offering a free case evaluation and available 24/7, Arun S. Maini and The Defence Group are ready to prepare your criminal defence. If you are under police investigation, or charged with a criminal offence, we can help.

Court Process

There are three stages to a criminal case: the Analysis; the Negotiation; and, if necessary, the Trial. Every case goes through an analysis and a negotiation, but only a minority of cases require a trial.

Once you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offence, and once the issue of bail has been resolved (either by a station-house release or a bail hearing in court), the case is turned over to the Crown Attorney for prosecution in the courts. While the police will still have some influence over the proceedings, they are no longer in charge at this point: the prosecutor is now the decision-maker, until such time as a judge is called upon to make rulings.

The court process is complex. Each jurisdiction and each courthouse has its own rules, policies and procedures built up over the years. It takes an expert with knowledge, experience and a network of contacts to guide you through this labyrinth. At The Defence Group, we have years of experience, at all courthouses in Southern Ontario. We know how to navigate the bureaucracy and cut through the red tape.

The court process in criminal cases has three parts to it: the Discovery Phase; the Negotiation Phase; and the Trial Phase. The only way to win your case is for your criminal defence lawyer to defend your case vigorously and proactively at each stage.

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