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Offering a free case evaluation and available 24/7, Arun S. Maini and The Defence Group are ready to prepare your criminal defence. If you are under police investigation, or charged with a criminal offence, we can help.
About Arun S. Maini
If you hire The Defence Group to represent you, Arun is the lawyer who will be handling your case. A former prosecutor, Arun has spent more than 25 years as a criminal lawyer, having defended hundreds of criminal cases.
The Court Process
The Court process involves the Analysis, Negotiation and Trial Phases, and it takes an expert with knowledge, experience and a network of contacts to guide you through it. At The Defence Group, we have years of experience at all courthouses in Southern Ontario.

The Defence Group

At The Defence Group, our goal is to assemble the best team to win your case. Your defence team will be assembled by our criminal defence lawyer, Arun S. Maini, after a free consultation with you, and a thorough review and analysis of your case.

Arun is a highly experienced criminal lawyer and former prosecutor who is a sole practitioner, assisted by office staff, paralegals, junior lawyers and other experts. In addition to your criminal defence lawyer, some of the professionals on your defence team may include the following: a clinical psychiatrist or psychologist, a therapist or counsellor, or a forensic toxicologist. Our offices are located in Toronto, Oakville, and Vaughan, and we serve clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Arun S. Maini, lawyer and founder of The Defence Group, has practised criminal law since 1995. He’s a graduate of the University of Toronto and Dalhousie University Law School. After completing his articles at a Bay St. law firm, Mr. Maini joined the federal Department of Justice as a prosecutor of drug trafficking, tax evasion, and immigration fraud cases in Toronto, Brampton and Vancouver. In 1999, Mr. Maini transferred to the provincial Crown attorney’s office in Brampton, where he prosecuted a wide range of criminal offences, from theft to murder. In 2003, Mr. Maini left the government to establish The Defence Group. Mr. Maini handles all criminal offences and regulatory prosecutions.

Over more than 25 years as a criminal lawyer, Mr. Maini has prosecuted and defended hundreds of criminal cases, and has extensive jury trial...
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What Our Clients Say About Us

To whom it may concern, I was arrested and the police proceeded to lay serious criminal charges against me. Fortunately, my wife was able to find Mr. Maini who was able to win my case by carefully navigating the legal process.

Former client

We found Mr. Maini on line wen we needed a lawyer. It was in the middle of the night in an emergency and he answered his page right away. He is very knowledgeable about criminal defense and I was very pleased. Anytime I had a questioned he replied.

Former client

Arun Maini is an excellent lawyer. He is very empathetic and understands his clients.

Former client
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The Defence Group, based out of offices in Oakville, Vaughan, and downtown Toronto, has been serving residents of the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto area since 2003.
We will provide you with a quick response to all of your questions; and thorough, confidential, knowledgeable and experienced representation, every step of the way.