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Domestic Assault Lawyers GTA

Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic violence is violence which takes place within a family or an intimate relationship. Offences can include assault, threatening…

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Drug Possession Lawyers GTA

Drug Possession Lawyer

There is no such thing as a “minor” drug charge. Despite recent talk of liberalizing marijuana laws, drugs are illegal in Canada…

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Youth Criminal Defence Lawyers

Youth Criminal Defence Lawyer

Young people are treated quite differently than adults by the criminal justice system. This is because it is understood that young…

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Sexual Assault Defence Lawyers GTA

Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer

There are many types of sexual offences, which reflect the many ways in which people can come into sexual contact with each…

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DUI & Over 80 Defence Lawyers GTA

DUI & Over 80 Defence Lawyer

Drinking and driving offences are among the most common charges laid by police; according to Statistics Canada, they make up…

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Weapons Violation Defence Lawyers GTA

Weapons Violation Defence Lawyer

Society is very concerned about gun violence. As a result, the use of weapons, particularly firearms, in committing a crime is…

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Murder Defence Lawyers GTA

Murder Defence Lawyer

There is no criminal offence more serious than murder. Murder cases attract the most comprehensive police investigation…

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White Collar Crime Defence GTA

White Collar Crime Defence

Financial crimes, also known as “white collar” crimes, involve allegations of impropriety with money or business practices. They…

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Fraud Defence Lawyers GTA

Fraud Defence Lawyer

Fraud is a financial crime. It is also a crime of dishonesty, where the offender causes the victim to part with property or to suffer…

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Tax Evasion Defence Lawyers GTA

Tax Evasion Defence Lawyer

The Canada Revenue Agency is the most powerful and difficult government ministry that you will ever come into contact with…

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Regulatory Offences Defence Lawyers GTA

Regulatory Offences Defence Lawyer

Not all law enforcement involves the Criminal Code or the criminal justice system. There are dozens of federal and provincial, and…

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Bail Hearing Lawyers GTA

Bail Hearing Lawyer

One of the most important factors in how your case will turn out is whether you are in jail waiting for your trial, or free on bail…

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Sentencing Hearing Lawyers GTA

Sentencing Hearing Lawyer

At The Defence Group, our goal is to win the best result possible for you. And sometimes, if you did commit the offence you…

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Charter Rights Defence Lawyers GTA

Charter Rights Defence Lawyer

The passage into law of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 brought about the most profound change to the criminal…

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