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Domestic Assault Lawyer in Toronto

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is violence which takes place within a family or an intimate relationship. Offences can include assault, threatening death or bodily harm, murder, criminal harassment, sexual assault, mischief or breach of court orders.

Preparing Your Defence in A Domestic Assault Case

There are always two sides to every story; this is especially true in domestic violence cases. Domestic violence cases are “credibility” cases, where often the only people who know what really happened are the complainant and the defendant. These require a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto with a great deal of knowledge and experience to defend successfully.

The first step that we at the Defence Group will take to prepare your case is to get a complete understanding of your domestic relationship. Are you married, separated, divorced? Are you fighting with your spouse about custody, support, division of assets, possession of the matrimonial home? Often, allegations of domestic violence are fabricated or exaggerated by one spouse to gain an advantage in custody or divorce proceedings; a detailed analysis of the situation, including the complainant’s motives, is an essential first step in preparing a strategy to defend your case.

Once our domestic assault lawyers in Toronto have a good understanding of the background and the incident, we will interview witnesses, review the disclosure, conduct an independent review of the evidence, even retain the services of a private investigator if the situation requires it. If you have a divorce lawyer in Toronto, we will work with him or her to make sure that we have access to all of the information that will help us to defend your case and help with your matrimonial case as well.

Domestic Assault Case

At The Defence Group, we have a high success rate in getting domestic violence charges dropped without a trial- which saves you time and money. Because of our extensive preparation and background analysis, and with our specialized knowledge of how the police and prosecutors work, our experience, and our contacts, we are often able to prove to the Crown that the charges were fabricated by a spouse or partner who was intent on manipulating the justice system, and persuade them to drop the case. Our approach to negotiation in these cases is one of the big advantages of hiring the Defence Group to represent you in a domestic violence case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Assault Charges

Why are domestic violence charges so serious?
My wife and I had an argument, but no one was injured. She didn’t even call the police: a neighbour did. So why was I still charged?
The police didn’t even seem interested in my side of the story; they arrested me based only on what she said. Aren’t they supposed to investigate both sides?
I called the police on my boyfriend because I wanted them to just warn him not to get so angry, or to get help for his drinking. But they charged him anyway, and now we can’t have any contact with each other. Why?
I have never been in trouble with the law before, but when the police charged me, I was held in custody for three days over the weekend before I got out on bail. Why?
My bail conditions say that I cannot return home. I cannot contact my wife or my children. Why? How long will these restrictions last?
Can I get my conditions changed?
Can my wife go to court to get the charges dropped?
I heard that if the she doesn’t show up for the trial, the charges will be dropped. True?
Do women also get charged with domestic violence offences?
My wife and I are going through a nasty divorce. She falsely claims that I assaulted her six months ago, and the police charged me based on her word alone. Now she has the house and the kids. I think her divorce lawyer put her up to this. What can I do?

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