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White Collar
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Financial crimes, also known as “white collar” crimes, involve allegations of impropriety with money or business practices. They range from the smallest fraud to multimillion dollar Ponzi schemes. The most common examples of financial crimes are tax evasion; fraud, and money laundering. For many years, Canada had a reputation as a haven for white collar crime because of a patchwork of weak legislation, lax enforcement, and lenient sentences. That is no longer the case. Because of a few recent high-profile cases in Canada and the United States, as well as the growing interconnectedness of global economies, Canada has overhauled much of its financial legislation and has stepped up its campaign of enforcement. Sentences have been significantly increased.

White Collar Crime Defence

These cases are complex, because they are based on documentary evidence, and often require specialized interpretation by forensic accountants, business valuators, and other professionals. The investigating agencies are usually powerful and well-funded, such as the Canada Revenue Agency, the RCMP or the Ontario Securities Commission.

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At The Defence Group, we will develop a team that can understand every nuance of your business and the government’s investigation, and prepare an effective strategy to win your case. We have many years of experience in this area, and have worked on the side of the government before devoting our efforts full-time to defending our clients against them. We will work with you, often before charges are even laid, to negotiate with government agencies, advise you on how to position yourself and your business to avoid prosecution, and how to deal with issues such as search warrants and asset seizures. We will also scrutinize the conduct of the authorities to ensure that your rights are respected and seek the strongest remedies possible if they are not (see Charter of Rights).

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