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Offering a free case evaluation and available 24/7, Arun S. Maini and The Defence Group are ready to prepare your criminal defence. If you are under police investigation, or charged with a criminal offence, we can help.

Arun S. Maini

Arun S. Maini, lawyer and founder of The Defence Group, has practised criminal law since 1995. He’s a graduate of the University of Toronto and Dalhousie University Law School. After completing his articles at a Bay St. law firm, Mr. Maini joined the federal Department of Justice as a prosecutor of drug trafficking, tax evasion, and immigration fraud cases in Toronto, Brampton and Vancouver. In 1999, Mr. Maini transferred to the provincial Crown attorney’s office in Brampton, where he prosecuted a wide range of criminal offences, from theft to murder. In 2003, Mr. Maini left the government to establish The Defence Group. Mr. Maini handles all criminal offences and regulatory prosecutions.

Over more than 25 years as a criminal lawyer, Mr. Maini has prosecuted and defended hundreds of criminal cases, and has extensive jury trial experience. Mr. Maini has also lectured at The Advocates’ Society and has taught advocacy at the Law Society and Osgoode Hall Law School’s Intensive Trial Advocacy program. Maini appears occasionally in the media to comment on criminal law – see examples from the CBC, the Toronto Star, and the National Post.

Arun S. Maini Professional Criminal lawyer
About The Defence Group

About The Defence Group

The Defence Group is a law practice owned and operated by Arun S. Maini, barrister and solicitor. At The Defence Group, we practise criminal defence law. More specifically, Arun S. Maini, the criminal lawyer at The Defence Group, advises and defends his clients against criminal charges laid by the police or government agencies such as the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Mr. Maini also occasionally represents victims of crime and advises individuals who are under criminal investigation on their options and their rights, as well as how to best protect themselves.

Mr. Maini is a sole practitioner. If you hire The Defence Group to represent you, Mr. Maini is the lawyer who will be handling your case. At The Defence Group, if you retain Mr. Maini to represent you because of his knowledge and experience of over 20 years at the criminal bar, then it is Mr. Maini who will handle every step in the process. He will be the one to meet with you, and answer all of your questions throughout the case. Mr. Maini will also be reviewing and analyzing every piece of evidence, strategic planning and discussing your options with you. When it is time to negotiate with the Crown, it is Mr. Maini who will be doing so, and any correspondence, phone calls or meetings with you or with the Crown will be handled personally by him. And we will even cover the routine court appearances for you. The reason that Mr. Maini will personally handle every aspect of your case is that, even though the legal system might consider your case to be “minor” or straightforward, in this security-conscious age, there is no such thing as a minor criminal case. To be facing a criminal charge, and the consequences of a criminal record is a very serious matter. It can have a detrimental impact on the rest of your life. For that reason, your case needs to be handled properly and you need to know that the lawyer you have entrusted with your future is the lawyer who is actually doing the work.

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  • Forensic Toxicologist
  • Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist
  • Therapist or Counsellor
  • Private Investigator
Hiring The Defence Group

When you hire The Defence Group, you are hiring an experienced and skilled team to represent you in and out of court; to advise you, defend you and to seek the best outcome in your case. Your defence team will be assembled by your lawyer, Arun S. Maini, based on your needs and the requirements, after a free consultation with you and a thorough review and analysis of your case. In addition to your lawyer, some of the skilled and experienced people on your team may include the following:

Forensic Toxicologist

In drinking and driving, DUI or “impaired by drug” cases, the science behind the charge is a key component of the evidence against you. These are often technical cases, and Mr. Maini will usually recommend that we retain a toxicologist to review and critique the data collection and analysis performed by the police or Crown’s technicians, including their “DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) tests; review the operation of the devices used to analyze your breath or blood; perform testing in relation to your particular physiology, such as your alcohol absorption rate; and to assist in pursuing alternate scenarios consistent with innocence. The toxicologist can also provide expert testimony in court.

Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist

In some cases, especially where violence is alleged, such as in domestic assault or sexual assault cases, it may be important to demonstrate that the client is not dangerous or mentally unstable. A mental health expert can conduct testing and prepare a risk assessment; review the background and mental health history of a client; offer counselling, therapy or other forms of intervention; and if necessary testify in court. Often a psychological or psychiatric report can be the critical factor that persuades the Crown or the judge to accept the position put forward by the defence in negotiations or at trial.

Therapist or Counsellor

Prosecutors and judges believe strongly in the power of therapy to effect behavioural change and enhance rehabilitation. Having taken several counselling sessions can often be a critical factor in negotiations with the Crown. Even if you disagree with the allegations made against you, counselling can provide the Crown with a reason to be lenient or flexible because, from their standpoint, the “risk” that you represent has been reduced. If counselling will help to achieve the best result for your case, Mr. Maini will discuss this option with you and can make the referral, and include the therapist as part of your defence team.

Private Investigator

An important method of challenging the government’s evidence can involve critiquing the police investigation and methodology; advising the defence team; or gathering evidence to counter the government’s case, such as photographs, surveillance, witness interviews, and crime scene analysis.

In assembling your defence team, Mr. Maini also works with former police officers and court staff, paralegals, and experts in various fields, from accident reconstruction to fire science, digital technology, and others.

At The Defence Group, your team is assembled with one purpose in mind: to obtain the best results for you, and to do so in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

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At The Defence Group, we practise criminal law. As with medicine, the law is complex, with many different areas and specialties. By concentrating on one discipline, we are able to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information and advice, in the most cost-efficient manner. We will not draft your will, sue your employer or close the sale of your home; but if you are in any way involved in a criminal case or police investigation, The Defence Group can help you. We will handle all criminal cases, from the most complex…

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To whom it may concern, I was arrested and the police proceeded to lay serious criminal charges against me. Fortunately, my wife was able to find Mr. Maini who was able to win my case by carefully navigating the legal process.

Former client

We found Mr. Maini on line wen we needed a lawyer. It was in the middle of the night in an emergency and he answered his page right away. He is very knowledgeable about criminal defense and I was very pleased. Anytime I had a questioned he replied.

Former client

Arun Maini is an excellent lawyer. He is very empathetic and understands his clients.

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