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Scarborough is a large municipality located in the east end of the city of Toronto. Scarborough is home to 650,000 people, many of whom are from South Asia and China. The Scarborough Town Centre is the area’s biggest mall, and the Consilium complex nearby is one of the largest office complexes in the region.

Until amalgamation in 1998, Scarborough was an independent municipality. Its former city hall at 150 Borough Drive, near Ellesmere and McCowan, is now a civic centre.

Three divisions of the Toronto Police Service are located in Scarborough:

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Scarborough Courthouse

The courthouse for Scarborough is located at 1911 Eglinton Ave. East, near Warden Ave. It is an old and decrepit structure inside a strip mall, similar to the North York courthouse at 1000 Finch Ave. It does not inspire awe or command respect, but the Scarborough courthouse handles more cases in a year than most courthouses in Canada. It is not pretty but it is efficient.

Like its North York counterpart, the Scarborough courthouse conducts trials in almost 200 languages and dialects. The limited number of certified interpreters is a regular headache for the court’s administration.

Superior Court cases from Scarborough are managed in the Superior Court downtown at 361 University Ave.

To help you navigate the justice system in Scarborough, The Scarborough criminal defence lawyer at The Defence Group are available to advise and defend you from our Scarborough office at 10 Milner Business Circle, Unit 310. We defend all criminal offences, including domestic assault, sexual assault, DUI and impaired driving, youth court/young offenders, bail hearings, fraud, drug offences, and Charter of Rights violations in criminal cases.

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Scarborough Courthouse

Ontario Court of Justice
1911 Eglinton Ave East
Scarborough, ON M1L 4P4
Tel: 416-325-0983

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