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The Defence Group, based out of offices in Oakville, Vaughan, and downtown Toronto, has been serving residents of the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto area since 2003.
We will provide you with a quick response to all of your questions; and thorough, confidential, knowledgeable and experienced representation, every step of the way.

While the majority of our clients are located in Southern Ontario, The Defence Group has represented clients all over Ontario, including places such as Ottawa, Windsor, North Bay, Belleville, Owen Sound and Thunder Bay. The Greater Toronto area has over a dozen jurisdictions. Each courthouse has its own particular procedures and schedules, and its own judges and prosecutors, some of whom are better than others for your case. We are very familiar with all of them. Local knowledge is key to navigating the challenges of a criminal case to ensure the best outcome.

While personally handling every aspect of your case, our criminal defence lawyer and former Crown Attorney Arun S. Maini will work with local lawyers, paralegals and experts in a variety of fields to assemble the best team for your case and your area, and to stay up-to-date on the latest information in the fast-changing legal landscape. Regardless of whether your case is at a local courthouse near one of our offices, or several hours away, Mr. Maini and The Defence Group will quote you a reasonable, fixed price and flexible payment arrangements to handle your case from the first call from the police to the last date in court and beyond.

Mr. Maini will be happy to discuss your needs and your case over the telephone, or with a free consultation at our offices in Toronto, Oakville, or Vaughan.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Toronto is a city of 3 million people within the Greater Toronto Area (the GTA). The GTA lies within the so-called “Golden Horseshoe” of Ontario, an economic zone of 9 million people on the west side of Lake Ontario. A quarter of Canada’s population lives in the Golden Horseshoe, and it dwarfs all other areas of the country in terms of size, urban intensity, and economic and cultural importance…

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Etobicoke Criminal Lawyer

Etobicoke is a sprawling region of Toronto, located in the western section of the city. Made famous by the Ford family of politicians, Etobicoke covers a large territory and encompasses a diverse population of 350,000 people. Etobicoke is heavily industrialized, and boasts a dense network of major highways…

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North York Criminal Lawyer

North York is an industrial and residential area located in the north end of the city of Toronto. The population of North York (350,000) is heavily multicultural, and is intersected by a number of highways, including the 427, the 407 and the Allen Expressway…

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Scarborough Criminal Lawyer

Scarborough is a large municipality located in the east end of the city of Toronto. Scarborough is home to 650,000 people, many of whom are from South Asia and China. The Scarborough Town Centre is the area’s biggest mall, and the Consilium complex nearby is one of the largest office complexes in the region…

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Newmarket Criminal Lawyer

Newmarket is a prosperous town of 80,000 people in York Region, in the northern section of the Greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe. Newmarket has a well-developed business community, although a large number of its inhabitants commute to Toronto for employment along its network of highways and…

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Richmond Hill Criminal Lawyer

Once known as the “rose capital of the world”, Richmond Hill is a fast growing town of almost 200,000 people in York Region, in the northern section of the Greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe. Richmond Hill is ethnically diverse and multicultural, with a large East Asian and Chinese…

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Vaughan Criminal Lawyer

Vaughan is a fast growing and prosperous city of over 280,000 people in York Region, in the northern section of the Greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe. From 1996-2006 Vaughan was the fastest-growing municipality in Canada…

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Markham Criminal Lawyer

Markham is a fast growing and prosperous city of over 300,000 people in York Region, in the northern section of the Greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe. Markham is the most populated city in York Region. Markham is a busy industrial area and part of a major transportation hub, with rail, highway and air links to the GTA and North America…

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Mississauga Criminal Lawyer

Mississauga is a fast growing and prosperous city of over 700,000 people in the Greater Toronto area. A sprawling metropolis, Mississauga stretches from Lake Ontario to Highway 401…

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Brampton Criminal Lawyer

Brampton is a bustling city of over half a million people in the Greater Toronto area. Founded in 1853, and once referred to as the Flower City, Brampton is now better known for its concentrated industry and its high levels of new Canadians. A very multicultural city, Brampton is a major…

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Milton Criminal Lawyer

Milton is a town of 100,000 people in the middle of Ontario’s prosperous and highly industrialized Golden Horseshoe region. In 2006 and 2011, Milton was the fastest-growing town in Canada; its population has tripled in the past…

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Burlington Criminal Lawyer

Burlington is a city of 170,000 people in the south end of Ontario’s prosperous and highly industrialized Golden Horseshoe region. Like its sister town of Oakville, Burlington is a vital road and rail corridor served by a network of highways, including the Queen Elizabeth Way…

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Oakville Criminal Lawyer

Oakville is a town of 180,000 on the shores of Lake Ontario. Situated in the middle of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe. Oakville is linked by a dense transportation networks of highways, rail, shipping terminals and airports. As a result, it is a centre for business and a prime choice for office and residential location, with an affluent and educated population…

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Oshawa Criminal Lawyer

The city of Oshawa is the most densely populated (pop. 150,000) municipality in Durham Region. Known for over a century for its automobile industry, especially General Motors, Oshawa now boasts a focus on education and health care, with several post-secondary institutions. Six out of ten of Durham Region’s biggest employers are located in the City of Oshawa…

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Whitby Criminal Lawyer

The City of Whitby is the seat for the Region of Durham, as well as the headquarters of the Durham Regional Police Service. While Oshawa has grown larger in size, much of the region’s power lies in Whitby. The Durham District School Board and the Durham Catholic District School board are both located in Whitby. Its GO station was the busiest until the tracks were extended to Oshawa…

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Pickering Criminal Lawyer

The City of Pickering, as with its larger (and more modest) neighbor the Town of Ajax, is a fast-growing suburb of the Greater Toronto Area. Where once horses and farms dominated the countryside, cars and trucks clog Highway 401, the regions busiest roadway…

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Ajax Criminal Lawyer

The town of Ajax became part of Durham Region in 1974. It is no longer as rural as it once was, as people move further away from Toronto in search of affordable housing, and development increases. Highway 401 runs through Ajax, and connects the town to the GTA…

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