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Domestic Violence Cases

Targeting domestic violence is one of the top priorities for police and prosecutors in Ontario. As a result, laws and policies have been written that make it mandatory for police and prosecutors to investigate and prosecute every allegation and 911 call of domestic abuse to the full extent of the law. Because of these…

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Drugs & Controlled Substances Cases

There is no such thing as a “minor” drug charge. Convictions for drug offences result in serious consequences. Even the smallest drug charge must be handled carefully by experienced drug lawyers to avoid these consequences. To defend you, you will need a lawyer with the skills and experience…

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Sexual Offences Cases

Sexual assault cases are serious and complex, and are prosecuted by specialized teams of police and Crown Attorneys. There are many rules and policies that apply specifically to this area of criminal law. If you are charged with a sex crime, you will need a trial lawyer who has the knowledge, experience and…

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Drinking & Driving/D.U.I. Cases

The penalties for drinking and driving are severe. Because of these penalties, and because of the government’s zero-tolerance policies, there is little room for negotiation, and these cases tend to go to trial far more often than other cases. Very few people in society today can afford to have a criminal…

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Weapons Offences Cases

Society is very concerned about gun violence. As a result, the use of weapons, particularly firearms, in committing a crime is investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Weapons charges will attract harsh penalties and serious consequences for your immigration status, employment…

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Fraud Cases

Fraud is a financial crime. The government, responding to the recent financial crisis and to international pressure, has passed tougher laws and penalties for financial crimes. Fraud cases are lengthy and complex, and require an experienced criminal fraud lawyer and a team of experts to interpret technical…

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Charter of Rights Cases

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms acts as a shield to protect criminal defendants against the abuse of power by government agents, including the police. Among other things, it protects everyone against illegal search, detention, punishment, unreasonable delay. It also guarantees the right to…

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