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Open Letter from a Former Client

  • To whom it may concern,

    I was arrested and the police proceeded to lay serious criminal charges against me. Fortunately, my wife was able to find Mr. Maini who was able to win my case by carefully navigating the legal process. I hope this letter will help you decide whether he can help you as well.

    Mr. Maini stood by me beginning with my bail hearing, followed by the disclosure phase of the proceedings, the negotiations with the Crown, and right through to a final successful outcome of all charges being withdrawn without a trial!

    One thing I truly appreciate about Mr. Maini’s approach is how professionally and methodically he handles every aspect of the proceedings. Initially, he put all his focus on representing me at my bail hearing on the morning after my arrest. He carefully reviewed the charges and spoke to my family to explain what I was facing. They agreed to act as my sureties and so he prepared them for the hearing. Finally, he met with me to explain what I should expect. He gave me confidence that he could win bail and this was critical because failure to do so would make it that much more difficult to ultimately win the case.

    Once bail was awarded, Mr. Maini met with me to ask if I would like him to represent me through the next set of steps. He described the legal process in detail as well as his personal approach but he did not pressure me to make a quick decision. Nevertheless, I had already done some research on the Internet and I was quite comfortable with hiring him. My research had shown me that criminal lawyers (as is the case in most professions) come in all stripes and colours. In fact, it bothered me that all too many seem to focus their websites on convincing potential clients that they are “the best” or to underscore how aggressive they are and how successful this makes them. This concerned me because: 1) I was not hiring someone to sell my car and 2) I know that it’s often easier to achieve a good result by working with people rather than barking at them. In fact, I read one article by a university professor that suggested that overly aggressive criminal defence lawyers could actually be a hindrance to a defendant because their shark-like approach can turn off Crown attorneys and quickly lead to a very costly and very risky trail.

    Mr. Maini was different because he insisted on taking things one step at a time. He was keen on looking at the facts, the disclosure/evidence the Crown was prepared to present should the case go to trial and he wanted to evaluate the strength of their case (or lack thereof) so that he could evaluate what options he could pursue to achieve the best possible resolution for me.

    Mr. Maini shared the disclosure with me and we both noticed numerous discrepancies. I found this to be a particularly difficult part of the processes because it showed the case the police were trying to build, however, it truly helped that Mr. Maini remained extremely supportive and patient. He answered all of my questions and prepared a detailed submission to the Crown seeking a number of additional pieces of missing disclosure which could help prove my innocence. Mr. Maini’s knowledge of the legal system and extensive experience as both a crown attorney and a defence attorney were an invaluable asset and this was clearly evident in the way he anticipated the Crown’s position.

    After several months of delays on the Crown’s part, Mr. Maini’s patience paid off because all charges against me were withdrawn!

    I remain truly thankful for the work Mr. Maini did on my behalf and would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking a quality Criminal Defence Lawyer.

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