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The Queen v. Brock L. (Orangeville)

The Charges: Sexual Assault; Threatening Death; Forcible Confinement

The Result: Found Not Guilty after a trial

The Facts: Brock L. was a businessman operating a farm equipment dealership in Caledon. He was married for ten years to Fran; they lived on a large country estate. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out and Brock asked Fran to move out. She refused, and went to the police station to report that he had been sexually assaulting her for years and kept her as a virtual prisoner and sex slave on the estate. Police charged Brock and forced him to move off the estate while Fran continued to live there. Fran immediately applied to set aside their pre-nuptial contract and requested enormous sums of money from Brock.

The Defence Strategy: From the beginning, Brock asserted his innocence. We launched a detailed investigation into Fran’s background, using a highly effective P.I. firm, and discovered a number of surprising facts about Fran, including her previous two marriages (not one, as she had told Brock), and the fact that she had previously been convicted of fraud charges. We also worked closely with Brock’s matrimonial lawyers in Toronto to exchange information and access all of the court documents and sworn statements in the divorce case. We uncovered a number of inconsistencies and developed a theory that Fran was motivated by greed and revenge to make false allegations against Brock. We set the groundwork for the trial at a preliminary inquiry.

The Result: Following a jury trial in Orangeville, we exposed Fran’s lies and background of dishonesty and established her motivation. The jury acquitted Brock on all counts.


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